All bookings are handled via the RBBC App which you can download to your smart phone (there is a web version too). Full instructions are provided below:

How to install the app

Use the following links to install the App to your mobile phone:

If you’d like to receive the app download link directly to your mobile enter your mobile phone number below – without the first 0 and with no spaces – to receive a one-time SMS text message containing the download link:

When you first install the app you will need to set your password so follow these steps once you have installed the app:

  1. Open the app and select “Sign In”
  2. At the bottom select “Forgot your Password?”
  3. Type in your e-mail address linked to your membership then click “recover”
  4. Go to your e-mail and click on the link from “Glofox” to reset your password
  5. Repeat the same password twice as prompted
  6. Go back to the app and select “Sign In”
  7. Type your email address and new password

Your membership with the right end date will be preloaded.

How to book a row

  1. Open the app
  2. Select “Rows”
  3. Swipe across to the date you want to row
  4. Click to select the row
  5. At the bottom tap “Book” – the app will then confirm your booking.

Bookings MUST be made before 8pm on the Monday of the week you wish to row to guarantee you a place on the boat.

How to view my bookings

  1. Open the RBBC app
  2. Click on the calendar icon at the top

This will show you which rows you have booked for.

How to cancel a booking

  1. Click on the calendar icon at the top of the app to view your bookings
  2. Select the booking you wish to cancel
  3. Then at the bottom tap “Cancel Booking” – the app will then confirm your cancellation.
  4. Notify your cox and crew in the comments section of the “pinned post” on the RBBC Facebook members group.

Any cancellations MUST be communicated to your cox, crew and the rowing co-ordinators via the “pinned post” in order to free up the space for others who may wish to row on that date as well as allowing the coxes to adjust their session plans accordingly.

How to Cancel or Join a Row (on the day)

If you are cancelling or joining a row that is taking place within 24 hours, you cannot do this purely through the App. Instead:

  1. Go to the “pinned post” at the top of the RBBC Facebook members group
  2. Check who your Duty Cox is on the weekly schedule OR if there are any spaces on the row you wish to join
  3. Go to the comments section and notify your cox of your cancellation OR ask if there are any spaces for a particular row

Any cancellations or requests to join a row MUST be communicated to your cox, crew and the rowing co-ordinators in order to not only free up the space for others who may wish to row on that date but to allow the coxes to adjust their session plans accordingly.

Do I still get email notifications

Yes – an email is sent to all members each Tuesday lunchtime by the Rowing Coordinator with details of who is rowing that week.

What if I don't have a smartphone? Can I book online?

No problem! You can login online instead – just click the button below (if it’s your first time using it, you’ll need to go through the same set up process explained above as for the app – see ‘How to Install the App’):


What's the weekly shedule of rowing sessions?

Club sessions are currently:

  • Monday 6.30am – Skerry Sculling (members only)
  • Tuesday 7pm – A strenuous Training Row – no pub stop (members only)
  • Wednesday 7pm – Skerry Sculling (members only)
  • Wednesday 7pm – Coxes Only Race Training (coxes only)
  • Thursday 7pm – Social Row, usually with a pub stop (tasters welcome)
  • Friday 6.30am – Skerry Sculling (members only)
  • Saturday 8.30am – Breakfast Row (members only)
  • Sunday 8.30am – Breakfast Row (members only)

Can I arrange a rowing session independently?

As a member and a regular cox you can take a boat out for a private event for free. You need to book with the rowing coordinator at least two weeks prior to your scheduled outing and it is subject to availability of boats.

Hover over the ‘plus’ icons to see what the App functions are:

My Rows – showing you what rows you have booked on. You can cancel bookings from there.
Notifications – confirming your latest activity
Rows – this is the main calendar section showing all the scheduled rowing sessions you can book for
Special events – any one-off events promoted by the club
Memberships – this will be where tasters can sign up for a membership
News – club news and emails
Club info – about the RBBC and location
Profile – your profile, contact details, payment info and membership info. Click on Card Details to enter your credit or debit card – this can then be used in the future for buying branded items from the store or drinks at the bar!
Photo – add a nice photo of yourself to personalise your app!