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Health and Safety Update – January 2019

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Please find below an update on Health and Safety.  Members, It’s your responsibility to acknowledge this notice and adhere to them at all times.   

All rowers should:

* be personally responsible regarding fitness for the row

* inform the cox of any injury or health issues

* wear a buoyancy aid when preparing boats

* always work in pairs when preparing boats in the dark

* carry a torch when it is dark

* wear sensible footwear

* dress appropriately for given weather conditions

* wear a personally purchased buoyancy aid if not able to swim 50 metres fully clothed

* adhere to 3 point contact rule when embarking and disembarking

* adhere to one person standing at a time rule

* wear a PFD if bow rower when mooring

* be aware that lightening in the vicinity must precipitate immediate mooring until at least 30 minutes after the last strike

* be aware if the visibility is such that the opposite bank from the pontoon is not visible then it is not safe to depart

* wash hands after rowing or if there has been contact with equipment that has had contact with the water


* a hard copy of the  RBBC 2018 RA is on the notice board.  Please make sure that you are familiar with all points.