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Coxes – we need your help – so you can row more, cox less

By February 16, 2018 No Comments

Hello Coxes!

A problem which really came to the fore in the survey, was that the club is reliant on a small group of coxes for the majority of rows.

No surprise there, we hear some of you say! And rightly so for some.

This situation is not getting any better so we need to find ways to get more people coxing. Because the more people that cox then the less often everyone has to take their turn!

The GOOD news is that members are saying that they want more training – and more people want to become coxes.

It is clear however that we need to approach training differently.  It neither works for trainers or members to run courses in the way that we have in the past.

We have a plan!

The objective is to – on an ongoing basis using the weekly row sessions – build a bridge that covers:  learning to row essentials, to developing a better rowing technique, to naturally building the confidence to become a cox.

And we need your help as coxes to make this happen – the more people we can get coxing then the less often you have to take a turn!

We want to get things moving quickly. So this is what we have been working on:


Basic training

To overcome the issue of basic “learn to row” training (also picked up in the survey) we have prepared a set of cards which can be used on any row to cover the key topics of

  1. Getting on and off the boat safely
  2. Rowing commands
  3. Rowing technique

The plan is that we run the first two topics over the month of March and the third one in April.

Each subject should take no more than 5-10 minutes at the start of the row.  Bite-sized learning can be fun – and it sticks.

This is where we need your help first:

We need volunteer coxes to run the “basics” sessions as part of normal rows over the month of March and ongoing thereafter.

The cards are really simple to follow, you will already know the information, but they will help you with structure and as a prompt. 5 – 10 minutes is all it will take.

This will step-by-step build better confidence on the boat and the more confident rowers we have, the more likely they will be willing to learn to cox.

Coxes Training

Two main changes will be happening:

1 – Training of coxes will now be done on an ongoing basis with some training taking place as part of normal rows, again on a modular basis to help people get comfortable with the basics first.

2 – There will then be a monthly classroom/on water session to teach the more detailed techniques.  Once people have completed this and are comfortable with the basics will they then be assessed.

This will mean that we can get people through the training more regularly and avoid the “backlog” of people waiting for training and/or assessment.

Where we also need your help:

We need volunteer coxes to buddy up with potential new coxes to show them the ropes whilst on a weekly row.  You will be supported with some easy-to-follow material.

Remember: The more people we can get coxing then the less often you have to take a turn!

Coxes Refresher Training

Ian and Mark ran a successful evening before Christmas which was popular with those who attended. We are aware however that we have a lot of coxes who have neither rowed or coxed for sometime.

So we need to understand from you – what would help you get back out on the water again, rowing and coxing.

Training Drills: A number of coxes have asked for drills that they can run on training/social rows; we are working on these and will be sharing them with you shortly!

Can you help?

Please complete this quick form, to indicate if you are happy to help with the ‘basic essentials’ training and / or ‘buddy a potential cox’. And add any suggestions in the comments box.

If you feel unable to help, please do let us know why in the comments box.

Thanks in advance!

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