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9th May 2020 –

The Crew of The Royal Shallop Jubilant is asking ALL rowers in the UK to join us in a fundraiser for the NSPCC by completing The “34” Challenge.

Individuals, households and virtual crews are invited to complete The “34” Challenge, representing the 34km of the annual Great River Race. Then donate via our JustGiving and post achievements on our dedicated facebook page a call to oars –

This does not have to be 34km, you can:- row / skip / walk / cycle for 34 minutes, bake 34 cupcakes, knit 34 jumpers – The list is endless!!

As “we’re all in the same boat” during these tough times and unable to take to the waters, seas, lakes and rivers, The Crew of The Royal Shallop Jubilant is inviting you all to support the NSPCC by participating in your favourite pastimes with The “34” Challenge. The annual Great River Race, held every September, covers 34km of the River Thames and is the inspiration to our challenge. Use this number to inspire you to complete 34 of anything you want to do on Saturday 9th May 2020. The list is endless but here are some
ideas to get you going!

if you have a rowing machine, row for 34 minutes – perform any form of exercise for 34 minutes, bake 34 cupcakes, make 34 face masks, host a virtual quiz 34 times

Then once you have completed you’re challenge, please donate for the NSPCC via our JustGiving page, raise awareness to others and post your achievements on our facebook page Saturday 9th May 2020 “A CALL TO OARS” –