The Committee is where the future direction for RBBC takes place. It is run by members on a voluntary basis and all RBBC members are invited to get involved. Typically we meet once every 2 months.

If you love to get your sleeves rolled up and really enjoy feeling part of something – then do consider joining us.

Listed below are details of the Committee and Non-Committee roles.  The committee year typically runs from March / April.

In February of each year, members are invited to nominate themselves for a particular role. During March, confidential voting takes place through an online form should more than one person apply for a particular role.  The new committee is announced March/ April.

The experience gives you an opportunity to help RBBC achieve its vision to be the best fixed seated rowing club in the UK.  Take a look and if you’re interested in any of the positions, just complete the quick form on the right.


The chairperson’s main role is to co-ordinate the management of the club for the benefit of the members.

He / she is the club figurehead and shall be the person most responsible for steering the club and ensuring best and safe practice on and off the river.

Be focused on the committees expressed vision for the RBBC.Ensuring that the overall objectives are not deviated from at the expense of any short term gain.

Responsibilities: Liaison with club secretary to plan and organize committee meetings and ensure all current issues are covered and recorded / circulated.

Work with the club treasurer to prepare and monitor annual budgets. Chair committee meetings (or delegate to others) and be diplomatic and smooth over differences as and when they arise.

Have the casting vote on decisions if required.

Encourage members to take an active part in running the club.

Help recruit new members for the committee.

Deal with complaints in accordance with RBBC constitution and BR procedures.

Help to promote the club and liaise with external organisiations including BR and TTRA as examples.

Work closely with affiliated clubs such as the Bench Blisters.

Try and write funny speeches!


The Vice Chair is a Committee member, elected by the Committee to have some extra duties in assisting Chair in all aspects of their work and supporting all other roles if and when required. This is not a public role and is nominated by the Chair.

Club Secretary

To Co-ordinate and minute the Committee Meetings.

To coordinate working groups and meetings where required. To gather and circulate relevant documents ahead of meetings

To act as liaison with Benchblisters on club matters.

To manage Club lockers and point of contact re issues around RBBC clubhouse space use (not hire), items to be brought into club etc.

External Rowing Liaison

To liaise with all other agencies that have an interest in the River, rowing and the environment and ensure RBBC is properly represented.

Ensure that the right messages are heard in the right way by those we share the river with and rely upon.

Develop the club in line with local and national rowing schemes.

Health & Safety Co-ordinator

The single point of responsible for writing and maintaining all H&S advice.

Ensuring the club has adequate and proportionate levels of insurance in place for all club activities (both rowing and in the club house).

Ensuring that H&S issues are dealt with in an efficient manner and any necessary communications to members or third parties on compliance are issued.

To ensure that communications on rowing safety and expected behaviours are updated to all club members, guests and tasters for rowing.

Ongoing and regular maintenance check for all safety equipment and compilation of check list sheets for life jackets, lights, fire equipment and first aid kits.


Management of RBBC website – adding updates

Management of RBBC shop – orders management, pick-up, members communication for collection

Management and production of RBBC print marketing materials

Monthly send out of membership renewals through mailchimp (in conjunction with info sent from membership secretary)

Membership Secretary

To ensure that membership lists are up to date and accurate.

To notify members re renewals and payments.

To report to the Committee re membership trends To act as returning officer for all RBBC elections.

To be the initial point of contact with Taster rowers and liaise with rowing Coordinator.

To liaise with rowing Coordinator re Taster rows.

To determine reduced rates in case of hardship and for group or corporate membership.

To liaise with Treasurer re payments made and due.


To manage club funds and budgets for projects, namely managing, tracking and creation/payment of invoices and expenses.

To produce financial reports both annually and for Committee meetings, with event profit/loss breakdowns.

To authorise emergency spends based upon sufficient funds and urgency.

Funding Director

Identifying funds that could be tapped into and determining the best stance to take re charity/social/community sporting club status.


Responsible for all boat repair and boat maintenance. Acts as the single point of contact with external boat repair and boat purchasing providers to ensure control on invoices. Works as Project manager for all new boat projects.

Membership Representatives (2)

Liaise with club members on important communications for and about the club.

Acts as point of contact for members to give ideas, make complaints, or feedback comments about their club membership and experience.

To proactively seek out new members and use local events as a way to recruit new members, i.e. Richmond May Fair; GRR; initiate RBBC Club recruitment days and co-ordinate volunteers to assist in recruitment.

To ensure that any member issues, concerns or ideas are properly communicated to the committee.

To ensure that committee feedback is given to members in a timely manner.

Rowing Co-ordinator

To run, create and manage the daily rows taken by the club. These should reflect the requirements of the membership and be as inclusive as possible.

Liaise with the Bench Blisters and set aside the requisite number of agreed boats for their outings.

Facilitate private rows for those members that wish to take out a boat and liaise with the Treasurer over payment where that is appropriate.

Manage resources and ensure that boats are appropriately co-ordinated between club, Bench Blisters, S4S, private rows, training rows, coaching courses, club trips or outings and maintenance; whilst taking into account the requirements of their owners (where boats are not owned by the club) or any restrictions on those boats.

Liaise, and keep good relations with Richmond Bridge Boat Houses over the use of boats and pontoon space. Also to notify the boathouses in advance of the club’s use of boats.

Ensure that boats are accessible and welcoming to taster rowers and new members.

Liaise with the Bosun over boat damage and scheduled maintenance.

Liaise with the H&S Co-ordinator over the provision of lights and safety equipment.

Liaise with the Events Rowing Co-ordinator over the requirements for external events.

Manage the Doodle Poll ensuring regular clear downs and that rows are added to the poll in such a way that all members have an adequate amount of time to sign up.

Draw up the weekly lists of crews and boats and liaise with the Comms Team over their publication.

Liaise with the Membership Secretary over tasters, new members and leavers and use this information to validate the weekly sign ups on Doodle Poll and protect club revenue.

Whilst facilitating rowing as per the policies and practices of the club: to use discretion to ensure that the policy framework never acts to the disadvantage of members, where possible to provide opportunities to rowers and above all keep things fun.

Training Co-ordinator

To create training courses and refine the training of the membership with an aim to continuously develop the rowing skills of the membership

To identfy key areas of weakness or training needs and development training courses, films or other material to address the requirement within the club, e.g: Cold Water Immersion Training; Learn-to-Row course (only when the club stops accepting tasters weekly and uses courses like this to bring in new members); Intermediate (skills improver) courses for rowers; Coxing courses, First Aid, Advanced rowing technique.

Encourage attendance at courses and for rowers to develop their skills and confidence.

To work with external bodies to provide training “know-how” in areas where the expertise does not exist in-house, i.e.. First Aid.

To create all training materials as a published set of course text, presentations or film that can be delivered by other qualified club members.

To keep updated all current course materials and ensure that they represent current legislation and best practice.

To develop skills sharing opporunities with other clubs and organisations.

To explore revenue opportunities from the provision of courses outside of the RBBC

Off-water event co-ordinator

Co-ordination of club hire ensuring payment made, clubhouse is available and agreement of hire is signed and understood by hiring parties.

Ensuring clubhouse is cleaned before and after the event in timely manner.

Ensuring that food preparation H&S requirements are signed and understood for all events for the sale of food and alcohol to general public for RBBC Funding events.

Co-ordinate external events for RBBC club, ie Richmond May Fair to get team organised for administration and volunteering.

Non-Committee Roles

PR & E-news creation and management

Management of all e-newsletters through mailchimp. (Mailchimp training will be provided if required).

Promoting events through mailchimp and facebook.

Writing press releases when required and press liaison with external bodies.

Rowing Comms Team

Role: to take over the running of the email address,

To build up a comprehensive set of standard responses to a range of common questions asked by the membership. This is to help both automate the process of responding but also ensure consistency of response.

to respond to the day-to-day queries of the membership. Although addressed to the rowing Coordinator, many queries are unrelated. Those that are rowing related can often be answered simply by knowing club policy and practice and do not require the input of the rowing coordinator.

To track themes, issues and concerns reflected in the members’ emails.

To co-ordinate communications with the membership at large (with the Membership Reps approval).

Where a query cannot be answered from stock email responses or from club policy and procedures, to forward to email to the relevant Committee member.

Events Rowing Coordinator

To organist he club’s external rowing activity and internal competitions

To advertise for crews and enter boats into the races and ceremonial rows run by the TTRA and British Rowing. Ensure that all appropriate event information is communicated to the crews.

To organise club entries and registrations into the GRR:  to enter the available boats and arrange boat tows to/from events.  Set participation fees and penalties for dropping out.  Advertise for crew and use a fair and impartial means of assigning crews and boats.  Communicate all race information to the cresa as soon as available.  Ensure the boats are on the tow on Friday night prior to race by attending collection of boats in person.

Organise the Eel Pie Row extending external invitations to other clubs as well as arranging teams for RBBC /BB members.

Co-organisation of “Round the Islands Race” with pontoon liaison for external entries, pontoon management on the day; coxes briefings; putting together RBBC crews.

Liaise with the Treasurer over the payments expected/received from items 1,2 & 4.

To organise training and practice rows for items 1,2,3 &4.

Seek to expand the opportunities open to the club and its members by finding new opportunities to row, e.g. Vogalonga or events in other parts of Britain.

To liaise with the Rowing Coordinator over use of resources.

Coxing Co-ordinator

To act as communications person and point of contact for all RBBC coxes.

To ensure all coxes are fully trained and have done RBBC coxing course and been signed off and too, that ongoing training is provided for all coxes.

Manage and maintain list of all RBBC qualified coxes.

Ensuring all coxes are apprised of current or changes in procedures and processes for boat safety, reporting of incidents and crew or passenger requirements.

Monthly or bi-monthly newsletter email to all coxes (including BB) with news, notices of proceedures and responsibilities; river news or events; changes to protocol; alerting of issues arising.

Be point of contact for all coxes to speak with for queries, incidents, issues on or off the river and to respond to those queries in a timely manner, and report back if sent up to Committee.

Encourage as many RBBC members to become coxes and be confident within that role of responsibility and the be appreciated for that task which they agree to undertake.

*The chairman reserves the right to amend or remove roles.