If you love the river, like to be active, and enjoy having fun with a great group of down to earth people – Richmond Bridge Boat Club really is like no other.

Club sessions – when we row:

We row all year round apart from during the month long Thames draw off that starts in November, and unless the tide/flow is dangerous.

We’ve introduced the addition of categories in order to allow for tasters, new rowers/beginners and all members an easy way to identify suitable and enjoyable rows.  Everyone is welcome to join and if you have any questions about your ability to participate, our Coxes, Member Reps and Committee are always here to help answer questions.

Category 1. Social Rows on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  Open to all rowers including Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced.

Category 2.  Sculling Rows on Monday and Friday.  Open to all looking to advance their skill level and endurance, Intermediates and Advanced.  These rows are generally more structured with exercises covering rowing technique, endurance and racing – these rows will likely make you sweat and provide a great workout.

Category 3. Training Rows on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Open to  members who would like to advance their rowing skills and train for racing events such as OWC.  This provides an opportunity for members to engage in a training programme over several weeks, intended to improve technique, stamina and strength as well as team building.

Club sessions are below:

  • Monday 6:30am – Sculling Row (Cat 2) – members only
  • Tuesday 7pm – Training Row (Cat 3) – members only
  • Wednesday 7pm – Training Row (Cat 3) – members only
  • Thursday 7pm – Social Row (Cat 1) with a pub stop – tasters welcome
  • Friday 6:30am – Sculling Row (Cat 2) – members only
  • Saturday 8:30/10am alternate weeks – Breakfast Row  (Cat 1) – members only
  • Saturday 8:30/10am alternate weeks – Training Row (Cat 3) – members only
  • Sunday 8.30am – Breakfast Row (Cat 1) – tasters welcome

Training / fitness

The club is adaptable to all levels of fitness. Some members like to row for the social aspect and being outdoors. Other members want to develop their rowing skills and performance. Through training and club sessions we ensure all needs are met.

Learn to row / Cox course

The Richmond Bridge Boat Club is affiliated with British Rowing. Learn to row, improver sessions and Cox training happen regularly at the club.

The club relies on its rowers to volunteer for Cox training. This teaches a wide range of skills including how to: navigate the tide, lead your crew and moor a boat safely. It’s a great opportunity to get more involved with the club and improve your rowing.