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Tudor Pull Sunday 23 April

Tudor Pull next Sunday 23 April – help needed in the clubhouse

The Tudor Pull is next Sunday 23 April when over 20 boats will follow the Royal Rowbarge Gloriana from Hampton Court Palace to the Tower of London.

The most important stop (!) happens to be at the RBBC clubhouse – for a bacon butty and coffee. This means approximately 250 hungry rowers descending on our lovely club, in a very condensed period of time.

Kara is doing a stellar job of organising and needs as much help as possible from members. It’s a fantastic atmosphere to be part of.

Help needed from 9am to:

  • Clean and tidy the clubhouse
  • Cut and butter 250 + rolls
  • Set up serving and drinks stations
  • RBBC welcoming party of volunteers to look after people as they arrive – and promote the club.

Can you spare a couple of hours to muck in and help out?

If so, please email Kara Рyour input will be most appreciated.