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The next NEW boat – FAQ’s and your vote

By October 28, 2016 One Comment

New Boat UPDATE:

At RBBC Question Time on Friday 18 November the new boat decision was announced.  The winning choice was for a part-build skerry.

Why are we looking to buy a new boat?

The club owns two boats (The Weddle and Foxy) but we have access to other boats we borrow from the local boating community. As we continue to grow as a club, we are looking to invest into new boats for our members to row, race and enjoy

What are our options?

There are 2 types of boats we are currently considering:

  1. Skerry (The Weddle style boat). 8 rowers sit side by side in pairs across 4 benches
  2. Cutter (Foxy style boat). 6 rowers sit one after the other across 6 benches

How much will a new Skerry cost?

A completely finished Skerry + oars will cost approximately £18,000

What about if it is part build and the members do the rest?

A new part built Skerry which club members will complete themselves + oars will cost approximate £12,000

How much will a new Cutter cost?

A completed finished Cutter will cost approximately £20,000

What about if the Cutter is part build?

There is no part build option for a Cutter

If we build it, can I help and what do I need to do?

A part build Skerry will require volunteers to assist over the course of 6 to 8 weeks to sand, pain, drill, screw, chop, polish, nail, clean and make cups of tea.

This is a very exciting project to a be part of, just ask those member that help build the Weddle some 3 years ago.

What are the pros and cons of a Skerry?

This style of boat can hold up to 8 rowers, 1 cox + 3 passengers. That means we can take out up to 12 people on a row with a single cox.

We already have a Skerry (The Weddle) but it also means if there is a specific Skerry event we can put 2 crews forward.

The boat is built in such a way ideal for new rowers/tasters and coxes, it is more stable and more versatile.

And a Cutter?

Typically a faster boat for our part of the river. It also means if there is a specific Cutter race we can put 2 crew forward.

However, this style of boat only holds 6 rowers and 1 Cox + 1 passenger. Not necessarily ideal for a club of our size and the limited amount of coxes currently available to take boats out.

We already have a Cutter – Foxy – that unfortunately has to remain tied up on many Tuesdays and Thursdays due to the lack of cox available.

Also, this boat can be less stable than a Skerry and is more challenging when rowed in the choppy waters of London for various events

Is it one or the other?

No. The plan is to build/buy one of each but we are currently trying to determine which one should be our priority.

What is the committee’s recommendation?

A part build Skerry.  Building a boat is a very exciting and a unique opportunity many of us won’t get a chance to participate in otherwise.

A Skerry is a much more versatile boat more suited to our purposes and river conditions. Also, given the current lack of actively participating coxes this weighs in favour of a larger capacity boats.

How will we pay for it?

The club is completely funded by members and run by volunteers.

The events held over the last 6 months like the Great River Race and the upcoming Halloween Party have generated enough money for us to put a deposit down on a new boat.

There will be a huge amount of fund raising events over the coming 6 months to pay off the rest

When will a decision be made?

The results of this will be announced during “Question Time Night” on Friday 18th November details here

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  • Kate Proudman

    I would like to know if its proposed Mark Edwards would build the new boat? I would like to support local businesses- such as Mark’s -where possible.