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Get involved with the committee

By February 7, 2017 No Comments

We’d love to share a story with you about the RBBC committee. It’s important you read this – so please stay with us for 90 seconds..

When the club opened…

… back in 2013, the committee had to form itself – and quickly. There was no set agenda. We just needed willing volunteers to help get the club going – so naturally roles were filled by the people that started the club as they were the only ones in it!

Along the way we recruited willing new members with various skills – and these lovely people are largely who make up the committee today.

Now here’s the thing…. the RBBC committee are a lively minded, energetic lot (as rowers, we would be!)

But they’re also feeling a tad jaded. This picture was the end result of the last meeting!

As the club has grown – so have member needs and expectations. We are now at the point where the committee roles have grown and many roles need to be split.

Some committee members also – understandably – would like a break after 3 years.

This means we need more hands, skills and minds on deck.

We are aware that members who have joined RBBC in the last 12 months may have had the impression that the committee is ‘some place up there’ in the club, for specific members.

It’s not.

The committee is purely voluntary, the incentive is being part and parcel of helping our wonderful club to grow. The video Nick Taimitarha created for the club says it all.

So here’s our question to you as a fabulous RBBC member.

Could you get involved?

There is a full list of all the committee and non-committee roles and anyone can apply. Please do Get Involved – it is really rewarding when you see things come together.

For now, all you need to do is look at the roles and signify any you may be interested in.

This needs to be completed by 21 February 2017. So take a look, complete the quick form and we will be back in touch shortly. Just click the orange button!

View the committee roles