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A word from your new Chair – Nicola Huttner

Well, as ever, the Richmond Bridge Boat Club has been a hive of activity and events since our new committee came on board in March and it has been an exciting and incredibly busy start. I’m already bowled over by the enthusiasm and hard work going on behind the scenes.We have so many new ideas being developed which I feel confident will come to fruition in the coming months.

As I stated at the recent AGM, since 2014 the club’s income has doubled but so have our costs. The RBBC is now a much bigger organisation and developed rapidly from what was originally a start-up challenge. We have made a major transition during the chairmanships of Steve Kemsley and Mark Langston.

I feel the focus for the RBBC going forward should be a period of ‘consolidation and consistency’ where we aim to make all the club processes work more efficiently.

This does not mean the club will stop growing – just that we’ll prioritise quality of process over the coming months.

Already, the committee and the newly introduced sub-committee working groups have started looking at how to make all the club activities work more smoothly.

For example, from new member’s applications to booking rows,  sorting out boat maintenance to planning training sessions  – it’s a long list that will continue!

But every member should have a better overall experience as a result.

Whatever we are doing to develop better processes, we’ll not forget that it’s members who make the club the key to our success. The sense of community and camaraderie our club so naturally enjoys happens when everyone gets involved.  The boat building sessions with Rose attracted a lot of interest from passers by wanting to know what we were all doing – it’s a proud story to tell.

So do come forward to get involved when you see an appeal for help. An hour helping on the bar to mucking in to clear up after an event – or much more – it is all hugely appreciated and usually great fun!

And… a new cutter for the club

Finally, over the last week or so, you may have been aware of work taking place on a cutter in the clubhouse.  This is in fact a new acquisition for the club brokered by Mark Langston in the last few weeks of his chairmanship – a cutter was offered to the club at a price we could not afford to refuse.  More details about this will be revealed shortly.

I look forward to continuing our fun-filled rowing season with a very special bunch of people!


May 2017

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