How to play

It’s simple to enter and only £5 per month (paid by Standing Order) for your own lucky number! To enter, there’s just two things you need to do:

  1. Set up a Standing Order (see below)
  2. Complete the form on this page

Your standing order

A Standing Order will need to be set up with your bank for £5/month for each number. Our treasurer has requested that this payment is scheduled for the 21st of every month.

Please make your Standing Order pay into the club account with this reference:

Reference: RBBC LOTTERY (+ Your Initials)
Sort Code: 40-26-12
Account Number: 02124327

How it works

There is a cash prize of 50% of the pot for the lucky winner, with the balance helping to help invest in new boats and boat maintenance for the club.

The winning number must match the bonus ball on the first Saturday of each month on the National Lottery. The winning number will be published on the website homepage every month and the winner receives an email notification. If there are no winners, the funds rollover to the next month.


RBBC Lottery Entry Form

About The RBBC Lottery

The RBBC Lottery is a simple fundraising initiative – and hopefully a bit of fun!

It’s a way raise much needed funds for the club to buy new boats and maintain the ones we currently have access to.

So why should I get involved?

We are a boat club that currently relies on the goodwill of others when it comes to the use of boats, and we are extremely keen to move away as quickly as possible from that dependency.

The only way that will happen is to slowly build our own fleet of boats – which we can do with your amazing support.

And how does the lottery work?

It’s very simple really. 59 people will choose (buy) a number from 1 to 59 (so get in quick if you have a lucky number you want to reserve). On the first Saturday of every month the winning number will be the one that matches the National Lottery Bonus ball.

You can enter from just £5 a month, raising potentially £295/month. 50% GOES TO THE WINNER, and the other half goes to club funds to help with boat maintenance, clubhouse facilities and funding for new boats.

If we don’t sell all numbers to start with the prize will be smaller and it will be a rollover if no one has the winning ball!