Your local rowing club

The club started in June 2013, and is run voluntarily by its members – everyone mucks in to do their bit. Our chairman loves to describe our club as ‘like no other’ – and it’s true! It is a really special place with no pretences, and is where you can easily make friends and get involved with a club that is growing.

We currently have over 100 members. Just one of the many special things about our club is the social side. It is incredible how on one boat, you can meet a rich mixture of nationalities and people from all walks of life.

There is no typical age group within the club – there is a complete mixture of working ages, our oldest member is our president – none other than Bamber Gascoigne!

There are currently up to 8 club sessions each week. General rows usually involve a stop at one of the riverside pubs so everyone can get to know each other over a drink.

The ‘no pub stop’ rows on a Tuesday evening are for when members want a more challenging row – and socialise afterwards if they choose to.

There are organised rowing events throughout the year such as the Tudor Pull and Great River Race. Plus we organise our own club outings along the Thames.

We row all year round (apart from during the month long Thames draw off that starts in November, and unless the tide is dangerous.)

The club has a fully inclusive policy and is passionate about getting more people rowing. We are also involved with the Skerries for Schools project teaching school children to row.

When do organised club rowing outings take place?

Regular organised club rowing outings happen on Wednesday and Thursday evenings (7pm) and Saturday (10.30am) and Sunday (11am) mornings. You will receive a weekly update email on Mondays from the RBBC Rowing Coordinator detailing that week’s outings. To book for a session, use the Doodle Poll which you can access by clicking the BOOK A ROWING SESSION button at the top of this website.

When is the club open for me to come and use the facilities?

The clubhouse is available for the sole use of members and their guests every Wednesday evening and Thursday Evening from 6.30 pm until 9pm throughout the summer (until the clocks go back in the Autumn).

It is also available to members all year round, each Saturday and Sunday Morning 8.30am – 12 noon.

Access is subject to members having their own keys (see below).

If a member wants to use the club facilities outside of these hours they may do so, however, they must first check the venue-hire page on our website to make sure it has not been booked out for other use. We need to raise funds and if someone has hired the clubhouse we cannot barge in!

Can I hire the Clubhouse for a Private Function?

Yes, our members can hire the clubhouse. The club is applying for a License for sales of Alcohol to both Members and your guests. A price guide for hire costs is now available on the website.

Can I make a cup of tea or coffee?

Yes, there is free tea and coffee for members and your guests, help yourself! (See above re guests making a donation!)

Can we leave things in the clubhouse whilst we are out on the river?

Yes, lockers are provided for short-term use. This allows members to come from work and leave clothing, phones and other valuables safe and dry. Please note that the lockers are not personal issue and the keys must not be taken away afterwards.

Can I take a club boat out?

Yes, but only if:

  1. You are to have been trained as a cox on the RBBC course, and
  2. At least two others in your crew are:
    1. RBBC members and
    2. have already attended two ‘Rowing For Beginners’ sessions.

How do I book a club boat?

The boats we have available to us during each club session are listed on the website. Only a person who has completed the Cox Training can book the boat. This person will be responsible for the boat and crew throughout. NB there will be a logbook for each boat, which must be completed each time it is used. There is insurance in place provided that you have the right number of trained people with you.

How do I get the boat off the morring and onto the pontoon, and get it back again afterwards?

We recommend instead that you call Mark Edwards 020 8948 8270 the day before and ask him to move the boat onto the pontoon for you. NB There is a small discretionary charge for doing this of £10, (£5 each way). Please leave £2 for each rower in the RBBC bucket after you have signed in. This will cover both getting the boat out, and Mark also taking the boat back to the mooring afterwards.

Do I need to know how to tie knots?

Yes! The bowline is the essential knot for tying up boats. It should always be used when tying bow and stern lines to moorings. Passing the Cox course will depend upon the ability to tie this important knot. Good luck!

Who cleans the clubhouse?

Mark Edwards has kindly offered to clean the loos etc. every weekday for us, as his boat builders use the kitchen and loos on occasions. At the weekend we will have a volunteer rota for this.

How do I volunteer to do my bit?

The club relies on volunteers to run events, courses and raise funds. We ask that each member consider giving at least 2 days each year. A list ‘slots’ that need filling can be found on the website.

How do I hear about what's planned and what's going on?

In addition to a weekly rowing outings email update, you will receive social updates in our fortnightly email newsletter. This contains things such as times and who to contact to sign up for lessons, and news of social events.

There’s also the RBBC Members Facebook Group where member announcements are made and club members can liaise with each other. Plus the club’s public Facebook Page.

Finally there’s also a news and events section on this website for key news and events information.

What about my data?

Details of how we manage your data are outlined in our privacy policy. If as a member you want to contact another member,  please use the RBBC  Members Facebook group.

How do I have my say?

The club is here for you and the Committee need to hear what you think and want. Each January we have our AGM when all Committee places are up for nomination and election. The AGM is open to all members and will be followed by a social evening.

You can ask questions of the Committee via the website at any time, and we will attempt to answer them quickly.

In addition we will survey all members once a year to see what needs to change and what you would like more of. The survey allows us to plan ahead and raise money to support these plans.

Code of conduct

The Richmond Bridge Rowing Club expects members to adhere to the minimum standards of behaviour as set out in this Code of Conduct. This has been written in-line with best practice advice prescribed by British Rowing to allow members to be treated as individuals and be able to enjoy safe participation in rowing. Breaches of this Code will be dealt with in accordance with the RBBC’s Complaints and Disciplinary Policies. At all times, members are expected to maintain responsible and sportsmanlike standards of conduct and to act in the best interests of the club, both during rows and events at the club and when away at events or competitions.

Refer to our code of conduct page for further details